Southend Barns Draping

Here at Hire Your Day, we believe any venue can look perfect in the right hands! There is no way that you don’t believe the first thing you look at in a venue is the draping. It is so simple but it really can create a breathtaking setting for an event. However, a few people may think it’s easy to do it themselves, it is often time consuming and stressful. With the cost of the drapes itself, you end up with an expensive purchase with the end result not being quite what you expect. This is why we do it for you! Saving you money and stress, as we can assure you a high level of precison and professionalism.

Just look at this stunning installment we set up in Southend Barns! The barn itself is truely beautiful but with draping it looks so elegant! This draping can be paired with fairy lights inside the drapes, so in the evenings they are illuminated and really give a wow factor to your guests!

Long Furlong Barn Draping

Draping can be done is so many different ways to compliment the venue! For example, at Long Furlong Barn draping to the centre of the barn looks perfect with the ceiling. Here have a look! Draping doesn’t have to be alone you can hang lanterns from the fabric to encorperate a colour scheme or have a central ceiling point and hang a rustic wagon wheel hanging wisteria, micro fairy lights, birdcages, and again even lanterns! Or anything you can imagine, we can produce! We really love this look and we hope you do too!



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