Terms and Conditions

Please read before booking.

General: The ‘Company’ is Amanda J Events Ltd. Trading as Hire Your Day. The ‘Hirer’ is any person or company who hires or has agreed to hire Goods from the Company. ‘Goods or equipment’ means goods provided by the Company in accordance with the Company’s standard Terms and Conditions of hire.

Acceptance of Conditions: The customer’s acceptance of goods on hire implies acceptance by signing and agreeing to our Conditions of Hire as given below, or by the items being delivered/collected to the customer.

Retention of Title: All goods remain the absolute property of the company and the customer undertakes not to sell, offer to sell, assign charge, pledge or underlet, lend or otherwise deal with the products unless agreed otherwise with the company .

Booking Fee: A 50% non refundable booking fee is required to reserve your booking.   By making this payment you are also accepting these terms and conditions.  The remaining balance will be due 6 weeks prior to the hire date. A damages deposit will be require to be paid 2 weeks prior to the hire date and you will receive an invoice for this to be paid separetly before the day of hire. The items will not be available for hire/install if this is not paid prior to the hire period. Please see Payment for Damaged or Missing Items below. For cancellations please see Cancellation clause.

Payments can be paid via BACs directly into our bank account or by cheque. We can also set you up with a payment plan to spread the cost for a small admin fee. If payment is made by cheque; the cheque must clear our account prior to items being released.

Orders: We reserve the right to substitute an item for an alternative design i.e. if breakages, delayed returns, lost items have occurred as a result of a previous customer order. Any necessary substitutions will be communicated prior to your order being dispatched and you will be entitled to a full refund of these goods should you find these not suitable.

We reserve the right to withdraw our acceptance of your order if the goods requested are not readily available to us and will refund in full any payment you have made.

Delivery and Collection: Deliveries and collections will be made by a designated courier service or in person by a member of the Hire Your Day team. In most instances items can be collected from our premises by prior arrangement. If sent by courier all packages are issued with a tracking number for traceability whilst in transit.

All glassware hire items would need to be collected from our premises or delivered to your venue by Hire Your Day as they cannot be sent via courier as they will not be insured.

You or an appointed person will be required to inspect and sign for the goods at the time of delivery.

Any person, other than the hirer who signs a delivery/collection note at the venue is deemed to be authorised to do so.

Any discrepancies to the order must be notified within 24 hours of the delivery. Any discrepancies that are not notified during this period will be exempt from any credit/refund. Discrepancies can be made by email to team@hireyourday.com or by telephone to 01903 49 10 49. This number automatically goes to our voicemail or mobiles outside of normal office hours. If damage has occurred photographic evidence is required.

Please be aware that the goods remain your responsibility until they have been collected by Hire Your Day/by our designated courier service or returned to us. You should therefore make every effort to ensure goods are kept dry and are retained in a secure place until this time. Goods that are not returned will be charged at the price quoted on our website or from a price list supplied by us.

Hired goods must be returned in their original packaging and packed in accordance with the guidelines supplied. Failure to do so may result in breakages and therefore charges against your deposit.

All items must be placed and stored together ready for collection: any flowers or additional decorations must be removed. Hire Your Day is not responsible for gathering hired items and any additional work/delay incurred as a result of an order which has not been pre-packed for collection will be chargeable at an hourly rate of £25.00.

Please ensure that all items are clean and dry prior to placing in packaging. This is particularly important on items such as umbrellas, chair covers/sashes, garden games and hay bale covers.

We will make every effort to collect and deliver your order at the specified times however we will not be liable for any loss arising directly or indirectly from any delay in the delivery or collection of goods due to situations out of our control or by third parties.

Day of Setup If Applicable: On the day of setup, we will require all linen on the tables ready for us to dress, this includes; Table Centerpieces, Finishing Touches etc.. If you are using the same function room for both your Ceremony and Reception, you will need to arrange with the venue setup of the table items after the ceremony. We are unable to wait around until the ceremony is finished to dress the tables unless pre-arranged with us which may occur additional charges.

Return of Hired Items: Please ensure that all items are clean and dry prior to placing in packaging as mentioned above.

All items must be returned in the original packaging otherwise you may be charged an additional fee for replacement packaging.

Goods not available for collection on the agreed date and time will incur an additional collection fee plus 25% of the listed hire price per item per day.

If any items are returned dirty you will be charged at 20% of the hire value of the items as a cleaning fee. Candle wax must be removed where possible. This charge will be automatically taken from your security deposit.

This cleaning fee would cover crockery, candelabras, drinks dispensers, glass votives etc this is not an exclusive list. If you are not sure prior to hire please contact us for clarification. This charge will be automatically taken from your security deposit.

With regard to items holding candles, we strongly suggest you use our recommended candles to avoid candlewax and additional costs. In some products we suggest the use of LED candles.

Cover Loss or Damage of Hired Equipment: The Customer assumes complete responsibility for loss of or damage to the hire products (other than fair wear and tear) from the time the equipment is collected or delivered at the venue/premises, until it is collected. The charge will be the cost of replacing the equipment with new stock. If you require a replacement cost prior to hire, please contact us.

Payment for Damaged or Missing Items: Your hire items will be checked upon return to Hire Your day. Should any loss or damage appear then this will be automatically deducted from your damage deposit and you will be notified of a breakdown of these costs. If you are able to send the missing items back we will be happy to refund you.

We strongly recommend that you check the items before they are collected/returned and sign them off when the driver comes to the venue/when the items are collected, if you are unable to do this we will check the items at our premises and our decision is final. Any discrepancies to the order must be notified within 24 hours of the delivery. Any discrepancies that are not notified during this period will be exempt from any credit/refund. Discrepancies can be made by email to team@hireyourday.com or by telephone to 01903 49 10 49. This number automatically goes to our voicemail or mobiles outside of normal office hours. If damage has occurred photographic evidence is required.

Charges for replacements of items hired Please contact us for replacement costings for hired items. All costs taken are at replacement cost.

Manzanita Tree’s or Loose Decorations: When hiring either the Manzanita Tree’s with Crystals or any decorations that have small loose components, we do stress not to let your guests remove any of the items from the display. All of the items on the displays are counted before we leave or when items leave our premises and will be recounted when we come to pick the goods up or when they are returned to us. Anything missing will be taken from the damage deposit.

Venues: Should we be required to dress an event out of hours (8am – 5pm) or on a bank holiday there may be additional charge for this, please contact us for more information.

We are unable to un-stack or put out chairs at your venue. This is something you need to arrange with the venue before our arrival. If there is an issue and we do need to put chairs out, there is an additional charge of 50p per chair. This payment will be taken directly from your security deposit and a receipt will be sent.

It is your responsibility to arrange with your venue to have the correct amount of chairs available for us to dress. We will only cover the chairs that have been put out for us, if this is less than you have booked through us we will leave the remainder covers/sashes with the venue). We are unable to leave

any spare covers/sashes. Should you require more please notify us 24 hours prior to delivery and if in stock these will be delivered and the cost deducted from your damage deposit.

If your event includes a ceremony remember to check with your venue if they supply the extra chairs for registrars and dont forget to include yourselves! You would be suprised how many people forget! Many venues will have four chairs at the front and you will need to order covers and sashes for these.

We always suggest that you let your venue know the final quantity of chairs you require for them to prepare the room with. Occasionally venues ask us to cover extra chairs that haven’t been paid for; if this is the case (and we have enough with us) we will take this from the holding details on file.

Hire Charges – Period of Hire: The hire charge for the products commences from the time that we dress the venue, items are delivered to you or collected from us, and continues until the equipment is collected by us or returned to our premises. The company will require a 50% booking fee to secure your booking, cheques made payable to ‘Hire Your Day’.

Payment: The full balance is due 6 weeks prior to your event date. You will receive a reminder 7 weeks before and then at 6 weeks you will receive another. If for any reason you don’t receive an invoice please contact us as soon as possible. If payment is not received at this time, we will assume our services are no longer required and will automatically cancel the order. Cancellation fees apply see Cancellation Clause. Once the invoice has been paid we cannot issue refunds on any items that are no longer required but can exchange items subject to stock.

No refunds or credits will be issued for any items that are returned unused.

Changes to an order: You can make changes to your order up to the point of 6 weeks in advance of the event. Significant changes to an order may change the quote you originally obtained. Once the invoice has been paid we are unable to offer any refunds for unwanted goods but can offer exchanges subject to stock. Items can be added on as long as they are in stock at any point. We will take final numbers for your chair covers/sashes 2 weeks prior to the day. Should these reduce then we will offer a refund of up to 10 covers.

Cancellation: Should you wish to cancel your contract with Hire Your Day, the following cancellation charges will apply to the total balance:



241 days or more 0%

240 to 61 working days prior to the event

50 %

60 working days or less

100 %


All cancellations must be received in writing from the client and will be deemed to take effect from the date of receipt.

Cancellation charges will automatically be added to your invoice.

Adverse Weather Conditions: We cannot accept responsibility for any of our items that are used outside should they be damaged, soiled or affected by weather conditions after we have left them – Examples are; Hay Bales (You may be charged at replacement cost in the event the Hay Bales cannot be reused), Garden Games (if soiled and cleaning is not successful you be charged for a replacement). In the event of adverse conditions, it is Hire Your Day’s sole discretion on all outside decor to provide the hired items due to potential damage and safety.

Cancellation Due to Adverse Weather: In adverse weather conditions such as Snow & Ice, it is Hire Your Day’s decision not to deliver/setup hired goods to the venue if it jeopardises the safety of our staff. Hire Your Day will endeavor to get the hired goods to the venue and exhaust every option that is available before cancellation of the booking. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make sure the hired goods are insured for such incidences. As a gesture of good will, we would be happy to move the event up to 6 months subject to availability.

Hay Bales: If you are hiring hay bales from us, you must be aware that these are extremely flammable and you should make all guests aware that smoking or naked flames are not permitted close to them. It is your responsibility as the hirer to ensure that all fire and health and safety precautions are in place. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by fire or misuse of the bales.

If hay bales are being delivered by us or our couriers, they will be delivered and collected from an agreed area. If delivered by a courier they will be delivered on a pallet. You must ensure that the pallet is kept for the return delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure that the persons accepting the delivery are aware of this and make this clear to the delivery driver.

Unless paid for in advance we will not set-up and lay out the hay bales. If this needs to be done when we arrive at your venue there is an hourly charge of £25 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour set-up. This also applies when collecting the hay bales, this fee will be deducted from your damages deposit.

If they need to be collated and it takes our driver more than 30 minutes to load you will be charged as per the set-up costs above. They must be in one area with easy access to a door and close parking for a large vehicle.

When hiring hay bales from us, they must be kept dry. If they are being used outside and it is raining they must be moved undercover. If your event is in the evening, the bales must be moved under cover at the end of the night to prevent water and wild animal damage. When moving hay bales please ensure they are lifted by the white string on the top. Do not attempt to lift by the special netting as they will become damaged and you will be charged for the damage.

Any damaged bales or covers will be charged for at a replacement cost at the time of hiring, which includes the cost of them being covered with our special netting. We strongly suggest that if you have not paid for a set-up cost that you make one person responsible for this at your event.

Termination of Liability: The Company shall be relieved of all liability for obligations incurred to the Hirer and any other third party.

Law This contract shall be governed by English Law in the Courts of England.

Amanda J Events Ltd Trading as Hire Your Day 7 Limbrick Corner, Limbrick Lane, Goring by Sea, West Sussex, BN12 6JL

Last Updated: 4th April 2018